Bob Marley’s Death: A Cautionary Tale about Alternative Medicine

Whether it’s his assassination attempt or the politically charged performance he delivered in his Survival album, Bob Marley and his outspoken music have always been attention grabbers. Marley was a very charismatic, talented reggae artist that managed to bring the genre to America, and spread it around the world. He was a huge proponent of peace and love, specifically for Africans who were facing a very difficult world at the time, and continue to today. Marley worked to help his fellow man and wrote songs that were also poignant tales about love and peace. They weren’t just song lyrics to Marley, they were personal experiences that resonated through him and were being shared and enjoyed by anyone who found him inspiring. Bob Marley did a lot in his life but unfortunately he lost it due to malignant melanoma, a fatal type of cancer.


How did Bob Marley die? No one really knows for sure. A lot of people believe the rumors that he died from another assassination attempt (he had already had one) but in reality it was due to alternative medications he was utilizing that caused the cancer to spread. Bob found out that he had this cancer in the late 1970′s when he injured his foot during a game of soccer. Unfortunately, his injury only got worse until he saw a doctor and was diagnosed with melanoma. He could have amputated his toe to live but unfortunately, being a dedicated Rastafarian; Bob believed that amputation was sinful.

Bob Marley’s medical records weren’t available he passed away but most accounts state he got a skin graft eventually instead of amputation. Unfortunately, this didn’t cure his cancer. He continued to get sicker and eventually died at the age of 36. His last words were “Money can’t buy life.”

The cause of this cancer is heavily debated but most believe it has something to do with the alternative medicine regiments he regularly adhered to. Bob Marley is renowned for his marijuana usage, but that wasn’t the only thing he smoked. Alternative herbs and medications seem to have caused his melanoma. Of course, without the medical records no one can say for sure but most accounts point to this alternative medicine as the cause; this is why we have to look at Bob Marley’s death as a cautionary tale.